Adoption Academy blog

Story Massage and the Power of Metaphor

how massage with stories can affect the deep subconscious

30th January 2017

A new take on adoption stress

How movement in the body can reduce the stress response

5th January 2017

First steps to change at home

How to start the new year

5th January 2017

Who are Adoption Academy?

An explanation of the adoption support we provide at Adoption Academy

19th December 2016

Catching a Glance

12th December 2016

Blocked care and adoption stress

What can happen when we suffer from secondary and adoption stress

21st November 2016

Wht choose e-learning?

why choose e-learning to help build resilience and reduce adoption stress

14th November 2016

stress Awareness Day

stress awareness day 2nd November 2016

6th November 2016

Happy Halloween, how will your children be tonight?

Happy Halloween, how will your children cope tonight? Too much excitement, sugar & fear, what a combination for kids with high stress levels

31st October 2016

World mental health day and adoption stress

World mental health day and adoption stress

stress management for adopters

10th October 2016

Post adoption stress and how it affects us

Post adoption stress and how it affects us

Post adoption support for adoption stress

19th September 2016



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"‘Very insightful. Allowed me to see that some of my children’s behaviour is them seeking sensory stuff. Lots of very practical things to do to help my children develop. That there is something that will help no matter what age. Thank you very much for sharing some of your person examples – it was very helpful.’"

- Rebecca Fernandez -

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