Adoption Academy Support for North London Consortium Adopters and Foster Carers

The Consortium of 6 London Boroughs met with Gill Tree in November 2016 to view the Adoption Academy E-Course Building Resilience to Stress Less. After a thorough road testing of the e-course by over 10 social workers working with adopters, foster carers and special guardians, the Consortium has commissioned for all new adopters to be given access to the course. Gill was also invited to write an article for the Adoption Support Newsletter advertising the course so that existing Adopters could also request it. To date the consortium has ordered 150 e-courses.

They have also booked several days in-house live courses for foster carers and adopters, including Building Resileince to Stress Less and Calming the Turmoil Through Movement and Touch. 

Feedback from the social workers was extremely positive;

“Despite being an online training, the experience was not at all clinical, probably due to Gills natural warmth and her insightfulness.    The range of issues that is covered is very relevant and delivered in a style that is highly engaging, thought provoking, reflective and useful. The course is particularly a great support for working parents or those that need flexibility. I think it’s’ also great value for money”.

Lorna Rook North London Adoption & Fostering Consortium Manager

“All sessions are 30 mins long, easy to access and quite interactive.  There are questionnaires and information sheets that can be downloaded which supplement the on-line sessions and are integrated into each of the sessions.  Each session focusses on a specific area; I tuned in to all but 2 sessions. Gill explores complex issues relating to children’s early life trauma in a way that is very easy to listen to. She uses straightforward and fairly jargon-free language and applies a lot of her own lived experiences to illustrate the points she is making.

I wouldn’t want to use it instead of face to face support but I can see there is huge value in on-line support supplementing any existing training programmes.  For parents who simply can’t get time off work or away from their child/ren to attend our or other trainings, it would be ideal.On a practical note, “Gill was extremely helpful at the outset, very supportive when I contacted her re set up, extra log-in for part time staff. Very accommodating”.

Valerie Forrest Senior Practitioner Adoption and Special Guardianship Support Camden

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"I finished the post adoption stress course in a state of tranquil calm, rejuvenated, empowered and ready to face another day"

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Member of the International Stress Management Association

Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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