Post adoption support through e-learning

Whilst Gill, founder of Adoption Academy was waiting to became a Mum through adoption, she went on every course she could. Then reality hit with the arrival of her son! Exhausted and time constrained, she could not access the post adoption support she needed. Speaking to other adopters she realised that post adoption stress was rife but they couldn't get to courses.  Easy to understand, easy to navigate, easy to access when you have just a few spare minutes e-learning is the answer to dealing with post adoption stress! 

The following course is provided via e-learning;

Building Resilience to Stress Less 

The benefits of e-learning. You will be able to:

•    Have access 24/7 for one year, to learn at times to fit in with your lifestyle and at your own pace (this can be extended)
•    Learn with your partner and support each other for no extra cost, making the learning more effective and more likely to become embedded within the household
•    Learn in bite size chunks of 10-15 minutes to fit around your other commitments
•    Enjoy being taught by experts who are also adopters/foster carers through film based courses
•    Pause, stop and rewind the film as needed to embed the learning 
•    Study from anywhere in the world on pc, mac, tablet or smart phone, eliminating costly travel to a class
•    Re-watch each lesson as frequently as required to refresh your understanding
•    Learn by doing through activities to ensure assimilation of information 
•    Recap and join in with a downloadable workbook
•    Benefit from  the highest level of teaching for less than the cost of a live course
•    Enjoy a variety of teaching methods to make learning easier and fun
•    Access mentoring support for an additional fee


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"As a relatively experienced adopter, many years in to a stressful journey, with a complex child, living with challenging, sometimes extreme behaviour, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. What could it do for me that the other numerous training courses, variety of groups and forums have failed to achieve over the years? I wondered if the course might be geared towards prospective or new adoptive parents, rather than the more battle weary amongst us. I could not have been more wrong! "

- Gill Maddison -

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Member of the International Stress Management Association

Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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