Post Adoption Support Services for Adoption and Fostering Agencies

Adoption Academy is well placed to support families due to the personal and professional experience of founder Gill Tree.  See Gill's biography.  Established in 2014, Adoption Academy has worked with over twenty adoption and fostering agencies.

Clients include:

London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Barnet, Newham, Hackney, Bromley, North London Adoption Consortium, County Councils- Surrey, Buckinghamshire, South Gloucestershire, Coram, Devon County Council, Medway County Council, Fusion Fostering, Fostering Foundation, Adoption UK, Adopt Southwest, Adoption Southeast, Adoption Partnership Southeast.

As an adopter and former foster carer, with a background in community development and  twenty years teaching stress management to industry, Gill is well placed to provide adoption support services to Adoption and Fostering Agencies. Gill also owned a leading school of massage prior to fostering and adoption and  through that, started creating e-learning courses in 2006.

The Adoption Academy ethos is on supporting and enabling through personal development.  Our courses are impactful, fun, challenging and effective.

Mission statement

To facilitate a fresh new way of parenting that enables families to enjoy harmony at home

“She used examples from her own experience as a foster carer and adopter, in a very appropriate way. I felt this helped the carers to feel at ease/understood – she gave examples of doing things wrong too and how she moved on from this too! I thought her style was very supportive but also, she was able to challenge carers thinking in an appropriate way”.  Support Social Worker

Measurable Outcomes

Effectiveness of our provision is measured by families completing;

  • 1/ Evaluation form. Each provision has aims and objectives and the level to which these are met are measured on a sliding scale
  • 2/ Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale and Brief Parental Efficacy Scale before and after provision

We can provide agencies with:

1/ Keynote Presentations for your Conferences

2/ In House Live Training for Your Parents and Carers

We can come to you to provide face to face training. Another option is blended training combining a live course with some e-learning. Current workshop subjects;

Building Resilience to Stress Less 

Attachments through Touch 

Calming the Turmoil Through Movement and Touch

Non Violent Resistance

Building Resilience for Your Team

3/ E-Learning 

Many adopters and carers are not able to get to whole day courses and even if they attend,  frustration can result when their partner does not attend. New learnings are harder to embed at home with only one parent changing their ways of being. Our e-courses once purchased can be shared with other family members. 

Parents are often left waiting for an assessment for therapeutic intervention. Our e-learning can bridge that gap, empower parents, create some hope, increased their belief in their abilities and improve parental well being which will trickle down to their child.

These subjects above are also available through e-learning:

Building Resilience to Stress Less Please request a free trial.

4/ NVR mentoring for families

''Gill Tree`s recent training on Resilience delivered to Surrey adopters was very well received.  Gill was reliable, knowledgeable, engaging and able to speak from personal as well as professional experience which was highly appreciated by her audience.   Participants commented `I thought the training was excellent and I learnt a lot`,    `very calm and friendly trainer who explained things clearly`,  `helped me learn how to manage stress, respond to behaviour and spot the triggers.'  We would be very happy to commission further training from Gill in the future.''

Gillian Thrower, Assistant Team Manager, Adoption and Permanency Service, Surrey County Council 

Adoption Academy live classes

Gill Tree, Challenging Child Coach

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Free e-book

31 Ways to Build Resilience as The parent of a Challenging Child

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"‘Excellent base knowledge of theory and practical suggestions to develop a sensory menu for our children. Will help to support carers in the work/care of LAC. Thank you, an enlightening training – very enjoyable’."

- Donna Conway – Therapeutic Practitioner -

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Member of the International Stress Management Association

Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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