Rhythmic Movement Training

  • Is your child under or over responsive/reactive to sensory input (sounds, smells, tastes, other people)?

  • Is your child struggling with reading and writing?

  • Do they struggle with physical activities such as riding a bike, swimming or climbing? 

  • Does your child find it difficult to regulate their emotions, process information and interact with others appropriately? 

  • Would you like to see positive changes in your child? 

“ I was not sure we would ever see the day when he rode a bike, so we are feeling a lot of appreciation for this RMT method.” JF 

What is Rhythmic Movement Training? 

Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) is a simple yet effective therapeutic programme from Sweden. It is firmly grounded in years of scientific research about brain and child development.
Based on the role of a babies’ natural developmental movements (for example crawling), it teaches parents to engage their child in gentle movements that they may have missed out on. These movements are crucial for laying down the foundations of neural network pathways in the brain. 
RMT also looks at infant reflexes such as the moro (startle), sucking and rooting, head righting and tonic neck reflexes which if not integrated are believed to contribute to learning challenges, writing problems, focussing and comprehension challenges, co-ordination difficulties, behavioural challenges, anxiety, emotional imbalances and overwhelm.

“The changes in B in just a month were remarkable. His cross crawling lying on his back was rhythmic and co-ordinated and he was able to do it unaided for which he was very proud. His eye contact improved- he made eye contact with me and interacted with me. He’s much stronger in his body, more upright, more engaged, more mature.” Chris

How do the appointments work? 

After completing a questionnaire we have a chat about your concerns regarding your child over the phone for 10 -20 minutes (in the evening if preferred). 
The first session with you and your child would take 30-40 minutes and can be done via zoom or skype 
Subsequent 30-40 minute follow ups are every 4-6 weeks. We speak just before the next appointment on the phone to discuss progress. 
I provide a few rhythmic movements to be done at home every day. The beauty is that initially the movements take less than a minute.

Fees; £80 for the initial consultation and £60 for subsequent sessions including a catch up over the phone to discuss progress just before the session. 

Call Gill for an appointment: 0203 553 1060. I see children via Zoom.

“I think C is doing much better. His confidence has increased dramatically and his writing has improved a lot. His tantrums are becoming less of an issue and he has started to rationalise things at times, rather than go mad straight away.” Zoe 

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"‘Excellent base knowledge of theory and practical suggestions to develop a sensory menu for our children. Will help to support carers in the work/care of LAC. Thank you, an enlightening training – very enjoyable’."

- Donna Conway – Therapeutic Practitioner -

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