Einsteins definition Of Insanity

Published on 28th February 2017

Einstein's Definition Of Insanity;

"Do The Same Thing and Expect Different Results" So why do I continue to say to my son for the 16th time "put your shoes on”? allowing my blood pressure to rise, my stress levels to soar and our relationship to deteriorate.

Far more effective is to use body language. Tap his leg and point to his shoe.

Therapeutic parenting is about doing things differently- but more is required that just learning about new ways of parenting. To ensure the new ways become instilled in us and habituated we need to repeat them over and over and when we slip back into our old ways we need to be reminded again.

"Gill Tree's Building Resilience e-learning course was just what I needed.  The workbook and exercises made you think about stress and how you handle it. The course was both interesting and useful. It felt like Gill was interested in me, it was almost like having her in my living room! I was able to go through the course at my own speed and access it as and when I needed and wanted to! It is something I probably need to revisit after some time and I would be keen to use this type of format again now I know it works so well!  Thank you Gill"
Nicki Murray Wilson


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- Kathy Baxter -

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Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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