Don't Crumble Like Old Playdoh

Published on 28th February 2017

Don't Crumble Like Old Playdoh

Before Adoption I was like fresh Playdoh!

I was vibrant, flexible, fresh smelling,fun to play with and full of possibility!!

After adoption I was like old playdoh: dull, hard, rigid, unresponsive, boring and.......I crumbled easily!

Stop crumbling like old Playdoh with our Building Resilience to Stress Less E-Course. Here is what one adopter had to say; 

As a relatively experienced adopter, many years in to a stressful journey, with a complex child, living with challenging, sometimes extreme behaviour, I wasn't too sure what to expect, also what I would take away from the experience. What could it do for me that the other numerous training courses, variety of groups and forums have failed to achieve over the years? I wondered if the course might be geared towards prospective or new adoptive parents, rather than the more battle weary amongst us. I could not have been more wrong! Yes there were some techniques and styles of approach that I recognised from the various adoption "Gurus” that we have dipped into over the years, but I found the whole experience very calming and therapeutic and the course totally exceeded my expectations. Gill Maddison

Many adopters and foster carers (and people in general)  don't think about stress management unless they're already on the verge of burnout. With our busy lives and coping with our child's trauma it doesn't always seem important to take on the practice of our own stress management until a worn-out body or an overly taxed psyche forces the issue. However, developing healthy stress relieving habits really does pay off in the long run. Not only does a regular stress management practice stave off the negative effects of stress, but it can also bring positive outcomes to adopters and foster carers such as more harmony in the home, great modelling for the children and better relationships and attachments. 

According to the British Heart Foundation being stressed is as damaging for your heart as smoking five cigarettes a day                                                  

People who report feeling stressed are 27 per cent more likely to suffer a heart attack
Stress raises blood pressure and levels of 'bad' cholesterol

It increases Weight gain and the  likelihood of diabetes

Stress is Still Taboo In the workplace 2/3s of people wont admit to suffering it. It is still seen as a weakness. The chances are many adopters and foster carers are the same. BUT stress is a sign and symptom of being human!! 

Having access to a stress reducing e-course for a year (or longer if required) is a great way to feel supported, to stay in control and remain regulated.

Not How Much? But How Little? !!

Our Building Resilience to Stress Less E-Course is 20 hours of training  in 30 m inute chunks with access for 1 year is just £97!

To help you here is a discount code for Twelve Pounds Off using Discount Code: Discount 12 reducing the fee to £85

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"I feel its given a great insight and allowed us time to reflect. I most enjoyed looking at ourselves. All too often these courses focus on what we need our children to do. Its made me realise that theres many things we need to do ourselves to make us able to give our children the care they need. "

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Member of the International Stress Management Association

Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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