Building Resilience to Stress Less

Being a parent or carer of a child who has suffered trauma brings a whole extra layer of stress.  When faced with the challenging behaviours of a traumatised child we can become amongst other things, irritable, anxious, hopeless and overwhelmed. The intensity of the stress can make us feel inadequate, manipulated, exhausted and depressed.

You may be the target of rage, lying, stealing, violence and verbal abuse and you can find yourself constantly having to cajole, distract, reward, use humour and state manage to help to keep life stay on an even keel.
The stress of a withdrawn or compliant child also has challenges when you are constantly trying to second guess what is going on for them and are unable to connect with them when they go into hiding.
Whilst there are some great therapies to help heal their trauma this all takes time to access.
In the meantime you are supposed to regulate your own stress and be a great role model in managing your anger. This course will teach you how!

On this e-course you will develop strategies for:

  • Understanding the stress response in you and your children
  • Managing your reactions and reducing the triggers
  • Extreme self-care
  • Reducing stress and developing resilience
  • Gaining an insight into what lies behind a childs behaviour
  • Developing a greater rapport and connection with your child 
  • Dealing with Worry and Negative Thinking 
  • Relaxation Techniques

This stress and resilience course is the equivalent of about 20 hours of training. You can access it 24/7 from anywhere in the world and is made up of 9 chapters broken up in easy bite size chunks. Ask your agency to fund this course through the Adoption Support Fund

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Member of the International Stress Management Association

Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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