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Femicide and Child to Parent Violence-The Ultimate Taboo

A detailed report on Femicide and Child to Parent Violence and what professionals can do to support families they are concerned about with a therapy called Non-violent Resistance.

21st February 2023

Child to Parent Violence and Abuse is more common than you think

It is a very bitter pill to swallow to realise and accept that your child’s behaviour is a form of abuse. It has been estimated that the incidence could be as high as one in ten families. Does that help you feel a little less isolated and a little less like you are failing as a parent?

10th September 2022

Do you need a blueprint for eradicating controlling behaviour and having more joy with your children?

Here’s the story of Lottie and Steve They followed a programme called Non-Violent Resistance with me, learning how to stay calm during escalations and not engage with the behaviour, they developed their relationship with Alex, they got friends and family to support them in the message “this has got to stop” they developed their authority. And above all else they stopped being scared of this little girl and her behaviour. The fear actually feeds the behaviour as it gives the child a sense of (fake) power than can be addictive.

3rd September 2022

Do you suffer door banging from your child or worse?

I know some families I work with are reluctant, for fear of being rejected. That could happen. You will not change your child overnight! But drip drip drip feed all the aspects of the intervention I teach, and you will see change and improvement in small increments over time which add up to something significant that lasts.

27th August 2022

Parental Presence Part 1

I'm going to teach you just a little bit about what I call parental presence. Developing your authority, having influence over your child, being the go-to person for advice. Why do we lose that in the first place? What happens to cause us to stop having that role in our child's life?

12th August 2022

Recovering from the challenges

Do you ever feel bullied by your child? Do you ever have a sense of dread because they're just about to come home from school? Are you worried for your safety? Are you on the receiving end of just really challenging behaviour that you can't, you can't discuss with your friends, because you actually feel quite ashamed?

5th August 2022

walking on Eggshells

Do you feel like you're walking on eggshells around your child? Fearful of the volcanic eruptions that could happen at any time? They can go from calm to rage in a fraction of a second or so it feels. It's almost like they're Jekyll and Hyde.

29th July 2022

Pavlov's dogs

Have you heard about Pavlov's dogs? He used to have a laboratory full of dogs, and he would ring a bell and give the dogs food. I think that's what our children are, like, you know, over time, over time, they've learned that their challenging behaviours can bring results.

22nd July 2022




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"Thank you Gill for an inspirational and interesting few days. I have loved your honesty and your stories about you and your son. Thank you Gill for an inspirational and interesting few days. I have loved your honesty and your stories about you and your son. "

- Helene Patel -

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