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Gill is an accomplished and entertaining public speaker who has presented at many national events and exhibitions.  Gill has been interviewed on Radio 4 Women’s Hour, BBC Bristol and presented a series of 15 minute programmes about  stress management on GMTV.  Gill always aims to entertain, motivate and inspire. If you would like to discuss booking Gill for a conference or event please call 07392 745790.

Gill came and presented at a SEPAN* conference attended by 60 social work professionals working in the field of adoption support. Her presentation was highly rated (with some rating it an excellent presentation) and enjoyed by attendees. She was able to explain the ideas behind the training she offers in an engaging way, explaining theory, providing examples of how this support has benefitted adoptive families and even giving a memorable demonstration of reflexes at work. People found it a helpful and interesting presentation which introduced them to new ideas. For some who were already advocates of sensory integration they felt Gill’s presentation provided new information for them about the role of reflexes which have given them ‘a deeper understanding of somatic experience and how to work effectively with it’.

Elaine Dibben, SEPAN Chair, October 2018

* South East Post Adoption Network 

Suggestions for Conference Topics

  • From Hostility to Harmony
  • Calming the Chaos
  • Building Resilience to Adoption/Fostering Stress
  • Attachment Through Touch



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"This course is very informative. Will definitely be using some of the exercise with my carers. This training was very interesting. It gave me a wider understand of how trauma can affect the children in our care"

- Shauna Grant – Social Worker -

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Member of the International Stress Management Association

Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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