Who are Adoption Academy?

Published on 19th December 2016

Who are Adoption Academy?

When Gill Tree adopter, former foster carer and the of Adoption Academy advertised a free webinar on stress management on an adopters forum and got 120 people signed up within 3 days, she realised there was a huge need and Adoption Academy was created as a social enterprise.

With a background in community development and twenty years teaching stress management to industry, Gill is well placed to provide specialist services to Adoption and Fostering Agencies. Gill also owned a leading school of massage prior to fostering and adoption and through that, started creating e-learning courses in 2006. 

Other people working for Adoption Academy are specialists in their field (eg trauma, social workers and therapists trained in Solution Focused Therapy). 

After running extensive trials and pilots we launched in September 2016 our first course “Building Resilience to Stress Less” both as in house training and an e-course.

Why E-learning?

Whilst the advent of the adoption support fund has been extremely welcome, parents if and when they do access support can still experience huge levels of stress whilst waiting for therapies to take effect. Stress can often be placed on marriages and partnerships- the beauty of our e-course is that access to it is instant and partners can do the course together.

You can view a 15 minute trial of the e-course.

Here is what one adopter had to say “As a relatively experienced adopter, many years in to a stressful journey, with a complex child, living with challenging, sometimes extreme behaviour, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. What could it do for me that the other numerous training courses, variety of groups and forums have failed to achieve over the years? I wondered if the course might be geared towards prospective or new adoptive parents, rather than the more battle weary amongst us. I could not have been more wrong!”

And a Foster carer “"Genuinely this really has helped me and my family. 
I have been able to easily access the site, log on and follow on from where I left off.
When I initially printed off the work book my initial thought was “how many activities”?!!! 
With nothing to lose I set to. Prepared, I pressed play. Gill was very easy to listen to, smiley, humorous and more importantly understanding and honest. 
The course is well thought out, the videos are not too long, the Activities are simple to follow with great prompts and for the sheer fact that I had to stop, sit down, relax and listen, was a joy and not a chore. " Alex B


Feature and Benefits of Our E-Learning

Participants will be able to:

·         Benefit from 20 hours of training in the comfort of their own home

·         Have access 24/7 for one year, to learn at times to fit in with their lifestyle and at their own pace (this can be extended)

·         Learn with a partner and support each other for no extra cost, making the learning more effective and more likely to become embedded within the household

·         Learn in bite size chunks of 10-15 minutes to fit around commitments

·         Enjoy being taught by experts who are also adopters/foster carers through film based courses

·         Pause, stop and rewind the film as needed to embed the learning 

·         Study from anywhere in the world on pc, mac, tablet or smart phone, eliminating costly travel to a class

·         Re-watch each lesson as frequently as required to refresh understanding

·         Learn by doing through activities to ensure assimilation of information

·         Recap and join in with a downloadable workbook

·         Benefit from  the highest level of teaching for less than the cost of a live course

·         Enjoy a variety of teaching methods to make learning easier and fun

·         Access mentoring support for an additional fee

Agencies will benefit from:

Being able to provide instant support to those in crisis
Ability to bulk buy courses to gain significant discounts
Ability to hold courses in stock and issue them to people when required (each course licence has a life of 1 year from the day the participant is enrolled)
The progress of participants can be tracked with assessments for each unit and completion certificates
There is consistency in the provision, everyone receives the same high quality training
Lower carbon footprint
There are downloadable notes, worksheets and quizzes, reducing postage and
copying costs


The Ofsted Question

As we do not interact with adopters face to face (unless engaged by another adoption agency) Ofsted have insisted we cannot and do not need to register as an Adoption Agency.

The Adoption Support Fund Question

The course should meet the Adoption Support Fund criteria as the training covers therapeutic parenting including subjects such as “Understanding the Behaviour” and “Developing your Relationship”.

Our Adoption Academy personnel who offer support to adopters through the resilience training or mentoring are trained or training in Solution Focused Therapy which is on the ASF list of approved therapies. http://www.adoptionsupportfund.co.uk/Portals/0/Service%20Categorisation%20Guidance_22%20April%202016_V2.pdf

The isolation issue

Going forward we are looking to develop a private facebook page and skype group mentoring for our e-course participants.

The courses can be purchased via the following options:

Option 1 
Provide this discount code to your parents/carers with a 15% discount:15%off (this reduces the price from £97 to £82.45)

Option 2

Bulk buy courses (minimum 10)  at discounted fees call 0203 553 1060 for prices 


Do you host consortium meetings?

Gill is available to give talks to consortiums and demonstrate the e-course


''Gill Tree`s recent training on Resilience delivered to Surrey adopters was very well received.  Gill was reliable, knowledgeable, engaging and able to speak from personal as well as professional experience which was highly appreciated by her audience.   Participants commented `I thought the training was excellent and I learnt a lot`,    `very calm and friendly trainer who explained things clearly`,  `helped me learn how to manage stress, respond to behaviour and spot the triggers.'  We would be very happy to commission further training from Gill in the future.''

Gillian Thrower, Assistant Team Manager, Adoption and Permanency Service, Surrey County Council 






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"Gill Tree's Adoption Support course on Building Resilience was just what I needed. The workbook and exercises made you think about stress and how you handle it. The Stress course was both interesting and useful. It felt like Gill was interested in me, it was almost like having her in my living room! I was able to go through the course at my own speed and access it as and when I needed and wanted to! It is something I probably need to revisit after some time and I would be keen to use this type of format again now I know it works so well! Thank you Gill""

- Nikki Wilson Murray -

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Member of the International Stress Management Association

Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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