World mental health day and adoption stress

Published on 10th October 2016

World Mental Health Day

When Gill Tree, founder of Adoption Academy advertised a free webinar on adopters stress management on an adopters forum and got 120 people signed up within 3 days, she realised there was a huge need and Adoption Academy was created as a social enterprise, supported by The School for Social Entrepreneurs and Unltd. 

As an adopter and former foster carer, with a background in community development in a London Borough and  twenty years teaching stress management to industry, Gill is well placed to provide specialist services to Adoption and Fostering Agencies. Gill also owned a leading school of massage prior to fostering and adoption and  through that, started creating e-learning courses in 2006.  

The Adoption Academy ethos is on supporting and enabling through personal development.  Our courses are impactful, fun, challenging and effective. Meet Gill Here and see a demo of our film based e-course. 

We can provide agencies with:
In House Live Training for Your Parents and Carers

We can come to you to provide face to face training. Another option is blended training combining a live course with some e-learning. Current workshop subjects;

Building Resilience to Stress Less 

Attachments through Touch 

E-Learning provision and the benefits 

Many adopters and carers are not able to get to whole day courses and even if they attend,  frustration can result when their partner does not attend. New learnings are harder to embed at home with only one parent changing their ways of being. Our e-courses once purchased can be shared with other family members. 

Parents are often left waiting for an assessment for therapeutic intervention. Our e-learning can bridge that gap, empower parents, create some hope, increased their belief in their abilities and improve parental well being which will trickle down to their child.

The above subjects above are also available through e-learning:


When the first e-course was created it was tested with a group of adopters and foster carers using the WEMWBS scale, before and after the training. The social impact of the courses continue to be monitored. 


As we do not interact with adopters face to face (unless engaged by another adoption agency) Ofsted have insisted we cannot register as an Adoption Agency.

Adoption Support Fund

Some agencies have successfully obtained funding for their adopters from the Adoption Support Fund.

Please call Gill on 0203 553 1060 to discuss improving the well being of your adopters and/or foster carers.

Happy World Mental Health Day! 


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"This course is very informative. Will definitely be using some of the exercise with my carers. This training was very interesting. It gave me a wider understand of how trauma can affect the children in our care"

- Shauna Grant – Social Worker -

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Member of the International Stress Management Association

Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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