What to do When you Feel Like A Victim

Published on 8th March 2018


I think we can take comfort in the fact that even the hardiest of us can fall prey to feeling like a victim when we are on the receiving end of constant violence and abuse from our children.

I watched and learnt last night the programme Violent Child Desperate Parents on Channel 5 on Wednesday 7th March at 9pm.

There is also a good article on the subject here

Changing the dynamic of aggression in a family requires a new way of parenting and a lot of determination and support along the way.

A quick fix (but by no means the solution) is to put on some music that energises you and makes you feel happy that you then dance to. It will change your state and is likely to completely surprise your child out of their rage. (NB this could infuriate an older child and make them rage more so go with your instinct on this one). If you can’t dance at that moment, then do it when you can. It really will help you feel better, will help you feel a little bit more balanced and maybe empowered.


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