Post Adoption Stress and Adoption Depression

Published on 24th August 2016

Having taught stress management in industry for 20 years, it was adopting in 2011 that taught me what stress really is! 

I can remember sitting in my pre-adoption training listening to the social workers describing the challenges looked after children can present and thinking "yes but, my family will be different!"

I am sure most of us are guilty of that and perhaps we need to be, to ensure we take that life changing step to become parents by adoption. 

When it became clear to me that I could no longer sustain running my 20 year old business, be a present single Mum and remain sane, I had to think about the next steps for earning a living. 

Having experienced mega amounts of stress (and survived) from the challenging behaviours of my then 3 year old and with 20 years of teaching stress management, it became obvious that specialist courses for adopters was what I could offer, either live or via e-learning. 

When I advertised a free webinar on stress management on an adopters forum and got 120 people signed up within 3 days, it confirmed there was a huge need and Adoption Academy was created. 

So just so you don't feel so alone, here are some common themes - the causes of post adoption stress, provided by some of my course participants

lack of understanding and unnecessary justifying to family, friends and teachers
aggressive and controlling behaviours 
Dynamic between birth adopted children 
refusing school
trying (and failing) to get professional help/support
fear for the future
sleep deprivation
not being good enough
having to fight for everything for our children
feeling bullied by a four year old
financial situation
Attachment disorder
Not able to work
Health issues
Self harming 
Being spread too thin
Things spiralling out of control 
Sibling rivalry
Walk of shame from school
Hoarding food
Not eating
Fighting with other children
Being excluded from school 

A depressing list for sure. BUT ......

We can change how these issues affect us, build our resilience and stress less about them. And that's where I come in to help. My E-course is an easy to understand, easy to navigate, easy to access when you have just a few spare minutes guide, to just that. 

Request my free trial now 

I look forward to helping you have more harmony in your homes.

Best wishes 

Gill Tree



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"I was impressed by the way the Adoption Support course "Building Resilience"was structured and so easy to navigate. Gill is an excellent presenter. There was a wide range of relevant, experienced based content, delivered in an enthusiastic, caring, considered way. I enjoyed the activities and found them to be a great way of recapping on what I had learnt and adapting the strategies to suit my situation. I have learned many new ideas and found myself questioning my own feelings and behaviours"

- Gill Maddison -

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Member of the International Stress Management Association

Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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