Natural remedies to adoption stress

Published on 14th June 2017

Living with the natural rhythms of life

The Japanese advocate forest bathing and I have always known we need to spend time in nature, because we are nature! Now research is showing how nature can boost our immunity, reduce our blood pressure and improve wellbeing.

Your body's energy is a subtle yet powerful force, and one that is crucial to your physical and spiritual well-being. Luckily, you do not always have to be conscious of it or tending to it. Looking after your body’s energy is like breathing - you do it constantly, regularly and without thinking. However, if you nurture your energy, you can improve its quality and greatly benefit your vitality. This in turn will give you a greater resistance to fight illness. All matter is made of energy. It permeates every realm of our existence, unifies the cosmos and unites every atom in our bodies. It is what makes my heartbeat and my eyes shine. The sun gives energy to all living things on Earth and we all respond to changes in its power. The moon is also a powerful force, influencing both the tides and women's menstrual cycles. There is a subtle, energetic link between every living thing on this planet. Everyone is part of this delicate, life-giving balance and one can benefit by drawing energy from the natural world. Eating food as nature intended, fresh, organic and unprocessed, guarantees us vitality as we draw the nutrients and life force from this harvest. Spend time in natural places to also absorb energy including historic sights, waterfalls, the huge expanse of the sea, mountain peaks, ancient forests, or the sunshine of your own garden.

We encounter the world through our senses, we allow the senses to influence our language (do you see what I mean?) and we rely on our senses for our daily safety and well being. We may see or hear danger, smell a fire and rely on touch to function on a daily basis, (the touch of the chair against our bottom informs us that it is safe to sit down!!).

In addition to these functional attributes, our senses are vital for our mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

In China, it is believed that the senses are united with the universe. They are the gates to all that happens and the windows of our whole beings.

It is a well known fact that every molecule, every atom of the universe is in constant vibration, vibrating on its own frequency and wavelength. The vibrations of sound, colour, smell, taste, heat and light enter our bodies constantly through all of our senses.

We can, therefore, use all of these media to enhance our wellbeing and help the body restore the balance of mind, body and spirit in the following ways:


A penetrating aroma cultivates all the senses. It can titillate the taste buds and acts as an anchor for memory. The memory centre plays a vital role in the emotional response.

Have clean, pure air (use ionisers or a humidifier)

Place herb pillows under the client’s head

Have cut flowers to bring invigorating energy and perfume to the room. (Clear glass vases in curved shapes add tranquil chi energy)

Use essential oils in an oil burner


Pleasing sounds encourage relaxation and are an important link with nature. Sounds vibrate the air, stimulating the flow of chi energy.

Play music that incorporates the natural sound of birds, leaves rustling, babbling brooks, waves, etc.

Music is very therapeutic, but silence too is important for physical and emotional health

Have healing sounds playing, such as an indoor waterfall and wind chimes


Clear natural light from the sun raises our spirits and encourages health and well being through the pineal gland. Light is energy in its truest form.

Light and colour create mood and atmosphere. Combined, they have the ability to dazzle or enhance, dim or brighten.

To increase light, have silky textured wall paper or vinyl silk paint, glass top tables and mirrors, crystals, candles (placed in water), etc.

Have full spectrum day light bulbs

Colour affects us emotionally, physically and spiritually and stimulates our senses by encouraging relaxation or activity.

Each colour has certain characteristics:

Blue:               Harmony, Peace

Violet:             Royal, Sensitivity

Red:                 Warmth, Vitality

Orange:           Invigorating, Warmth

Yellow:           Joyful, Uplifting

Green:              Nature, Hope


The energy of the five senses should be in harmony including taste. Enjoy natural tastes of fruit, vegetables and herbs rather than artificial flavourings. Sugar and salt distorte our taste buds so reduce their consumption. 


Quality touch is important for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being through hugs, stroking and massage. To enhance the touch of your hand, have warmed fluffy towels at bathtime and use heavy blankets to create a sense of weight and reassurance over the body.


Time spent in nature is also a natural way to soothe and heal the mind, and you can bring nature into the treatment room with fresh cut flowers, natural sunlight and the sounds of birds and water.

Alternatively, simply imagine:

“Walking barefoot through grass, feeling the coolness and moisture of the morning dew, stopping by a babbling brook, dipping you toe in and listening to the voice of nature. Allow the light and warmth of the sun to permeate you. Breathe in the pure clean air. Imagine night is falling and gaze at the myriad of stars allowing the cosmos to fill your awareness.”


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