How can Adoption Academy Help

Published on 30th January 2018

How can Adoption Academy Help

First Time Single Mum/Adopter at age 49, Gill Tree, founder of Adoption Academy has become a Stress Expert to Parents with Challenging Children to reduce aggression, defiance, manipulation, anger, lying and non-communication.

In 1989 Gill  became lost in the African jungle on her own on the sides of Mount Kenya. She emerged 5 days later a very different person, having discovered and developed strengths that until then had been untested and a level of resourcefulness and creativity that she now helps others tap into. She became fascinated by how the mind works during survival and pressure situations and taught stress management in industry for over 20 years.

She also owned at the same time, one of the UK’s largest schools of massage.

After becoming single in 2009 Gill became a foster carer and then went on to adopt her son when he was 3 in 2011. Gill was 49. 

The strain of being a single parent of a very challenging child at age 49 was huge and Gill had to change tack in her professional life. 

She now provides training, e-courses, mentoring and therapy to increase resilience in parents with challenging children, improve bonding and reduce the challenging behaviour. 
Children who have suffered trauma or who have challenges such as autism or have been through the care system can often be aggressive, defiant, manipulative, angry, oppositional, dishonest and non-communicative. 

The angst of being a parent of a challenging child can lead to parents feeling;
Angry, Persecuted, Inadequate, Helpless, Hopeless, Fearful, Disappointed, Hateful, Anxious, Rejected, Depressed, Resentful, Overwhelmed, Manipulated, Ashamed, Confused and Exhausted .
In adoption and foster care the relationship can irretrievably break down. 

What does Adoption Academy provide and how does it help?

Gill managed the challenges she encountered as an adopter of a child with a severe attachment disorder utilising the principles she teaches.  She can provide empathy and understanding whilst offering specialist Resilience and Well Being courses for Carers, Parents and Professionals working with challenging and trauma experienced children.
She also created an interactive film based e-course Building Resilience to Stress Less for families, making the training fully accessible for the stressed out parent and for couples to work through together in the privacy of their own home, with skype mentoring if required.
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She provides training on therapeutic touch to enhance bonding and Rhythmic Movement Training to reduce the effects of trauma in children. 
She is a master practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and is trained in Solution Focused Brief Therapy.


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"Gill’s workshop was really helpful, instructive and entertaining. Our adopters went away with lots of practical ideas for helping their children and are already seeing a difference.”Many thanks- we look forward to seeing you again later in the year with another group!"

- Val Payman- Coram -

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Member of the International Stress Management Association

Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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